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Air Conditioning Installation: A Complete Guide About Air Conditioning Installation Cost

air conditioning installation cost

Twenty years ago, cooling was an option to many of us living in our region of the Pacific Northwest. The situation has changed over the last few years. The summers have become hotter and hotter, and AC is no longer an expensive home improvement to a requirement for many people and families. We’ve seen an increase in AC installation requests in the last couple of years. It’s an investment for your home as well as your daily comfort. Although air conditioning installation costs can vary based on the kind you select and how big your house is, and many other factors generally, it’s worth the investment.

Are you contemplating installing air conditioning in your house to cool you down in the summer heat? The cost is a significant factor for homeowners who want to get AC. In reality, when it comes down to installing the latest AC units or replacing existing ones, one of the primary concerns we get is what it’s likely to be? Continue reading to learn the cost you can anticipate paying.

Air conditioning installation cost

With all the various factors and the choices available, air conditioning installation costs can differ quite some. Central air conditioners typically begin at around $4500 and go through about $8500. For ductless systems, the prices start at around $5000 and increase. Although ductless systems are more costly than central AC unit, it comes with many advantages, described on our blog regarding the advantages of ductless systems. One of the benefits we love is the ability to zone, which allows the user to select the rooms or regions in your home you would like to cool at any given moment.

What is the cost to set up a new air conditioner and ductwork?

There are many different duct forms, including spiral, oval, and rectangular ones. This is a financial consideration because ductwork varies in cost. The process can cost much more if it necessitates the removal of dangerous items like asbestos or structural changes to your house. Ensure all building rules and requirements are considered when installing HVAC ductwork, or you might have to pay more in the long run.

The AC installation price will vary based on various aspects, including how big your house and, the type of AC system you select, and whether you have ductwork. If your home doesn’t have ductwork in place, installing a furnace, air conditioning, and ductwork could cost between $14,000 to $20000.

How much does it cost to replace an air conditioner that is already installed with existing ductwork?

The replacement of an air conditioner if the home is already duct-worked is much less expensive than installing a new one. This is because every duct run costs more, especially if you’re replacing the ducts of solid construction in ceilings or walls. It is typical to shell out between $4500 to $7500 to replace a system if your home is fitted with already installed ductwork, based on a myriad of variables such as the size of your house and its efficiency.

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The ductless AC price

A ductless system for air conditioning is an excellent alternative for homes that don’t already have ductwork. Ductless air conditioners are frequently described as “mini-splits,” They’re a form made of heat pumps. There are a few distinct advantages to the ductless system. One of the most significant benefits can be one of the enormous benefits is the “zoning” option, in which you can alter temperatures of every indoor unit independently, which allows the heating or cooling of rooms in your house at different temperatures based on which rooms are operated by various remote controls.

Ductless ACs can be expensive to install and range between $5000 and $8000 or more, based on the number of indoor units installed. Although they are more costly than the cost of installation, mini-split systems can save you a lot of energy bills over the long term due to their unique efficiency technologies. If you’re planning on staying in your home for a long time, It’s usually a good investment.

The ductless AC price

AC costs per ton, SEER rating, and brand

It is a given that the price of an AC installation is based on many diverse factors like size, type, the manufacturer, and the SEER ratings. Efficiency affects price both in the initial phase and over the long term. A system with a higher SEER score will be more expensive upon installation. But, efficient systems can also reduce your expenses over the long term as energy costs per year are usually lower by many thousands of dollars.

The factors that determine the cost of AC installation

The price of installing air conditioning in your home is dependent on a range of various factors that include:

1. Square Footage

The price to install an AC system will depend upon the dimensions of your house and the dimension of the AC you require for it. If you have larger spaces, it is necessary to have a robust and custom system. But, with the advancements in the field of home cooling, it’s simple for homeowners to maintain even the largest of houses relaxed and comfortable and comfortable, from basements to top-story bedrooms.

2. The Desired Grad of Comfort

Do you wish to cool the entire house? Are you more concerned about keeping your temperature comfortable in certain areas inside your home? Do you plan to keep the air conditioner at half the time or all of the time in the summer? The installation cost will be based on both the size of the room and your preferred level of comfort.

3. Home Efficiency

If you’ve got excellent insulation, a few windows facing west, and adequate tree cover, the home probably is capable of naturally retaining cool temperatures during summer times. But, if you’re blessed with lots of sunlight and inadequate insulation, you’ll require a more robust method to maintain your living areas comfortably cool.

4. Type of System

The cost of installing an AC unit at home will depend on the kind of AC system you select. There are a variety of AC systems that you can look at. Each has pros and cons, from central air conditioning or heat pump to an air ductless AC unit. If you talk to one of our experts, we will customize an option that is best for your home’s preferences, needs, and needs.

5. New or replacement system

Do you have AC at your house for the very first time? Or do you want to replace an old-fashioned system? If you are returning an old or inefficient system, the installation price will generally be less than when installing for the first time.

Investing in a new AC

Cooling your homes with the latest and most advanced HVAC systems was once thought of as an extravagant expense. Today, with hotter temperatures than ever, AC is a requirement for most homeowners. If you upgrade or install AC, you invest in your well-being, comfort efficiency, productivity, energy efficiency, and your home’s value. In reality, experts believe that installing air conditioning can boost the value of your home by 10 percent. An AC installation may be costly; however, it can provide tangible value and enhance the quality of life inside your home.

Advantages of AC

With the significant advancements in home cooling and energy-saving technology over the last few years, we’re witnessing the increasing benefits of cooling systems. Air conditioning has become more efficient and more effective at increasing comfort. Furthermore, by utilizing a zoning system that allows you to limit cooling to specific rooms or regions at one time, you will be able to reduce your environmental (and economical) footprint by cooling only the areas of your home that require it the most.

Alongside the increased comfort, cooling systems are also an excellent option to shield yourself from harmful environmental pollutants. There is a significant increase in forest fires during the summer that affect air quality in the outdoors. When you have AC in the summertime, you will not have to open the windows to keep your living spaces cool. 

Disadvantages of Air Conditioning

Energy Efficiency

One of the main disadvantages of air conditioning is its energy efficiency. Operating an air conditioning unit can be quite expensive, as it requires a lot of energy to cool a room or a building. This can result in high electricity bills, especially during the hot summer.

Maintenance Costs

Another disadvantage of air conditioning is the maintenance costs associated with it. Air conditioning units require regular maintenance to keep them functioning properly, which can be costly. This includes cleaning, refrigerant replacement, and repairing any damaged parts.

Health Concerns

Air conditioning can also have negative effects on health. The dry air produced by air conditioning can cause dry skin, nosebleeds, and respiratory problems. In addition, air conditioning can spread illnesses and germs, as it recirculates the same air repeatedly.


Now you better understand air conditioning installation cost and factors for determining AC installation cost. This is a significant factor that you must know to keep in mind for installing new AC.


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