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Rummy Guide For Beginners


Rummy is one of the most played card games played worldwide. Players need to match the cards of the same sequence or same rank. Players need to combine a set of three or four cards with the same number or consecutive number of the same suit which is referred to as Melds. 

Ranking Order of the Cards

Each card in the Rummy carries a specific value which defines its rank in the game. King card has the highest rank while the aces have lowest rank in the order. 

The hierarchy is followed as-

King> Queen> Jack> 10> 9> 8> 7> 6> 5> 4> 3> 2> Ace

Basic Terms Used in Rummy

TABLE- It is a digital or real space/ table which is used to place the cards and play on it. Maximum of 2-6 players can play on each table.

DECK- A standard pack of 52 cards with a joker card is called a deck. These cards come with all the ace, king, queen, and jack sets, plus all the other 2 to 10 cards.

SORTING- Card sorting is how you arrange the cards at the start of the game after you’ve dealt them. Everyone sorts their cards in their own way to help create sets and sequences and stop them from getting mixed up.

SEQUENCE- In rummy, a sequence is a bunch of cards that are all in the same suit, three or more in a row. It can be a pure sequence or an impure one.

SET- A set is made up of three to four cards with a similar rank and different suits. A wild card or a joker can also make up a set. 

DROP- In a game of rummy, a player has the option to leave the game at any time, but is penalized for doing so. 

Types of Sequence

  • Pure Sequence- A Pure sequence consists of a sequence of at least three cards in the same suit, played consecutively. However, there is a restriction on the use of the Joker to create a pure sequence.
  • Impure Sequence- An Impure sequence is when you stack two or more cards of the same suit in a row, and then replace one or more of the Jokers.

Setting Up the Game 

  1. The most valuable card in the deck is picked up by each player. Whoever picks the lowest value card first makes a deal.
  2. The dealer distributes nine cards to each player randomly. 
  3. As per the format of the game, the left-over cards are stacked effectively on top of each other. 
  4. Every player will get to attain seven cards in the game, in case the number of each player is up to 3 or 4. In case there are 5 to 6 players involved in the game you will get to acquire 6 cards.   

Winding up!

In such a digitalized and busy era, games like Rummy have played like an amusing escape from reality. The game brings in challenges and maintains the joy of playing with a good time pass. 

You should note the important point that the rules can be different if the variation of the game is different.