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RZA Net Worth, Career And Everything You Need To Know About RZA

RZA Net Worth

Who is RZA?

Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, a.k.a RZA, is a famous rapper, filmmaker, actor, and record producer from America. RZA was born in the Brooklyn state of US, on 5th July 1969. He is renowned for his music production, which features sparse beats and soul samples that have an impact on his listeners.

Additionally, he plays the lead in Wu-Tang Clan, a well-known hip-hop outfit. He has released several solo albums throughout his singing career.

A recognized magazine’s ranking of the 20 finest producers in its twenty-year history included RZA. Other than that, he is also ranked second in the list of top 50 Hip hop producers by a famous fashion magazine. He is, undoubtfully, a talented actor in true spirit. Alongside his acting career, he participated in a number of films, including American Gangster, Life Is Hot in Cracktown, Funny People, and many more.

This article highlights some interesting facts about RZA like his net worth, career, early life, education and awards/achievements.

Early Life and Family of RZA

In Brooklyn’s Brownsville, RZA was born. He is one of his three brothers. The names of his other brothers are Robert and John Fitzgerald. He spent his younger age with his uncle in North Carolina, who encouraged him to get studied. RZA heard hip-hop music for the first time in his life at the age of 9 years. After that, he started playing in different rap bands and competing in rap battles. In his childhood, he became involved in narcotics and small-time crime before being accused of murder. He later formed a wrap group in 1991 and performed his solo debut as singles. His life expanded along with the growth of his musical career. RZA began a new chapter in his life after being acquitted of the murder allegations, referring to it as his second chance.

RZA has been married twice in his lifetime. He was previously married to Eboni Mills, then got divorced from her and married Talani Rabb afterward. RZA has four children. He is a vegan and has promoted a vegan lifestyle on PETA behalf. He also embraced multi religions in his lifetime. He is currently 53 years old.

RZA Career

RZA Net Worth, Career And Everything You Need To Know About RZA

RZA has enjoyed a multi-talent career in singing, filmmaking, and as an artist and acquired fame early. Before starting his professional career, RZA formed a rap group with his cousins in 1989 when he was very young. Later, he eventually moved on and worked as a Rap singer, artist, and film actor.

Career in Music

  • In 1992, RZA formed a group with seven other members, including two cousins. This group was named “Wu-Tang Clan.”
  • By December 1992, this group released its first solo song, admired by audiences. Later, another member joined this group and released its first album, ‘Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)’, which was highly acclaimed and remained in hip hop’s greatest albums.
  • RZA used many different aliases during his musical career. Some of the famous names include Prince Rakeem, The Abbot, Bobby Steels, Bobby Digital and Ruler Zig-Zag-Zig Allah.
  • Later RZA’s role in the band was as a lead director. He released another second solo group in 1997 named ‘Gravediggaz’ under his alias RZA rector. Together, this group launched many concept albums.
  • As a result of the release of his solo albums, he quickly got acclaim, and many other artists started copying his style. He became a highly demanding producer among other singers. He worked for various other solo artists.
  • His other solo track, “Wu-Wear: The Garment Renaissance’ got a significant hit and remained on the top charts of various music billboards.
  • From 1997 to 2012, RZA came up with many acclaimed solo albums under his different groups. Some popular solo albums in this era are: “Wu-Tang Forever”, “Bobby Digital in Stereo” And Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai.” “Digital Bullet”, “Digi Snacks” and “Bobby Digital”
  • He is known to have multiple aliases in his singing career. He came up with an alias like ‘Bobby Digital.’ In his albums, he remained more focussed on the role of directorship than as a singer/rapper. 

Career in film

Aside from being a successful singer/rapper, RZA also achieved much acclaim as a film actor. He started working in films in 1999. He appeared in the following movies like Funny People, Due Date, Gospel Hill, Ghost Dog, Life Is Hot in Cracktown, and Popstar: Never Stop Stopping from 1999 to 2019.

In movies like “Coffee and Cigarettes,” “Derailed,” “American Gangster,” and “The Box,” he did supporting roles. He showed his skills in several films and TV shows and also did direction for the movies like “The Man with the Iron Fists.” Like a singer, people admired his acting and direction, and he flourished more as an actor.

Career as an Artist

RZA’s production techniques, particularly the way he chops, speeds up, or slows down soul samples to fit his beats, have been imitated by many hip-hop producers. Many artists then imitated the technique, giving rise to numerous offspring. His artistic inspiration comes from his inventive ideas. He altered his sound with new-age acoustics and beat patterns in his Bobby Digital Albums.

RZA accomplishments and awards

During his career as an actor/rapper and film producer, he has been nominated for several different in the Music and Film industry. Some of them he won, are;

  • Grammy Award for Best Rap Album.
  • BAFTA Award for Best Original Music.
  • Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture.
  • Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music.

How much is the RZA Net Worth?

The net worth of RZA is around $18 Million as of 2022 statistics. He has earned a lot of money from singing by releasing his solo albums, acting in films, songwriting, and directing.

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This article highlights RZK’s life biography in a very comprehensive way. He is a renowned artist, rapper, actor, film director, songwriter, and a person of creative ideas and out-of-the-box thinking. He has also received recognition many times in his career.

He sang and wrote several hit songs, including “Drift,” Wu-Wear: The Garment Renaissance’, ‘ So Appalled,” and “Wu-Tang Forever,” in his songwriter career. RZK net worth also rose over time in his career. Of course, he is a multi-talented performer who has entertained crowds almost his whole life.

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