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Step By Step Process To Make A Bubble Elevator In Minecraft 

Bubble Elevator

How to make a bubble elevator in Minecraft?

Please note that the phrases bubble elevator and water elevator are equivalent in the Minecraft community. Below are the components and elements you will need to manufacture manually to build an elevator on Minecraft. Players cannot rapidly construct a pre-built elevator; instead, they must design the bubble. They also make water elevators from the ground up, using the below-mentioned parts.

  • Any block for building columns 
  • Water bucket (Use Glass for aesthetics)
  • Door 
  • Kelp
  • Magma Block 
  • Soul Sand (for climbing) (for going down)

Put one piece of kelp at the bottom of the tube, swim up, and press the “put block” button to do this. The kelp will then fill the entire box. Players should be aware that they will lose oxygen as they swim up and plant kelp since the bubble elevator is not yet operational.

In Minecraft, how do you operate a bubble elevator?

For the water to start at the top and flow to the bottom, players must position the water bucket within the tower at the top on the one-block area between the four pillars. The bubble effect should nearly instantly result from this.

To finish the elevator, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Construct the Walls

The elevator walls can be made out of any block. We made ours out of glass to make the process more visible. Construct a ring around an empty two-block area. You can build your elevator to any height you want, including the building height.

Step 2: Create the Foundation

This stage is separated into two sections. First, construct a two-block high by two-block wide archway solely on a single side of the elevator.

After that, place signage on the exterior of an archway, as indicated in the illustration. These signs will be utilized to keep the water you will be putting in Step Three contained. You’ll need a total of four signs.

The Magma Blocks & Soul Sand must be put in the final part of this stage. Continue to follow the instructions in the image above. Place two Soul Sand blocks on one side of the water elevator and two Magma Blocks on the other.

This will enable seamless elevator transfers when traveling up or down. If you want to have your elevator look cleaner, you may still split these two portions.

Third step: Set the Water

Third stage will necessitate a large number of water source blocks. Grab 2 Water Buckets after placing the Magma Blocks & Soul Sand. Place one Water Bucket on four base blocks and the other on the block inside the opposite corner. This will provide an endless flow of water from that you can harvest water for the next level.

After completing these steps, you’ll have a simple (and functional!) bubble elevator! To create the elevator greater aesthetically beautiful, you can change the bricks around it. However, the Magma Blocks & Soul Sand must always be at the bottom of an elevator. At every level, you should also have a Water Source block.

Step 4: Add Additional Floors (Optional)

You may easily customize this elevator to suit the addition of several stories to your base.

Place signage outside the elevator and a 2-by-2 hole where you want the level to be, just like you did on the ground floor. Walk out how you exited the previous floor when traveling up or down. This is a simple method of getting to a specified bed within your base!

Frame a bubble elevator

Start by arranging all blocks into a star shape, with one block on each of the four sides, the corners meet, and an empty area in the middle, regardless of the direction you want your bubble elevator to go. Make these four sides as tall as your elevator. 

Once you’ve built an enclosed construction to your chosen height, go to the side you’ll use as the front & stack two blocks high on either side of the front block. Remove the bottom two blocks of the elevator’s show after that. After that, you must have a precisely door-shaped space that you can fill by plugging inside a door on the outer border.

Fill Your Bubble Elevator with Water

So far, you should have a great frame, but it’s just a vacant elevator shaft. To create a bubble elevator, go to the top of your elevator and use one of the water buckets you collected. Pour a gallon of water through the aperture at the top once you’re up there. The entire shaft will be flooded with water, but the 1-block vast space between your door and the water column should be dry. Your elevator is now adequately irrigated, but one more step before it becomes an actual bubble elevator!

Making an Elevator Bubble Guide

You’ll need numerous objects to build a bubble lift in Minecraft. To begin, you’ll need the bricks that will make up the structure of the bubble elevator. You can build the frame for your elevator with every type of construction brick in the game, so pick whichever is most available or appealing to you. You will also need buckets and kelp to create a bubble elevator in Minecraft. One item on your checklist, soul sand, would require you to journey to the Nether. Thus the Overworld will not be your sole destination.

One block of magma is the last item you’ll need, so you’ll be able to locate it in a few spots. Gathering materials is a critical aspect of this project; you must also ensure that your bubble elevator is built correctly for it to function. With some quick gathering and simple construction, you should be able to manufacture your balloon elevator in Minecraft in no time!


Water elevators are ideal when moving up and down your base. You can use them to descend into their mineshaft or ascend to your hidden sky base. Making water elevators is a fun way to get around your Minecraft world, and it doesn’t require nearly as many resources or knowledge as a Redstone elevator.


In Minecraft PE, how can you create a bubble elevator?

Gather the necessary materials for your bubble elevator, which include two Soul Sand and 2 Magma Blocks, and it must be two Water Buckets. The Soul Sand causes bubbles in your water elevator, causing you to ascend, while the Magma Block causes bubbles to form in your liquid elevator, causing you to descend.

Why is the bubble elevator not working?

Water bubbles from the Soul Sand blocks at the bottom could only flow in source water blocks; if there is a flowing water block in the section, the flow of bubbles will be interrupted, preventing the Soul Sands elevator from functioning.