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What Are Fulani Braids? Top 16 Best Tribal Fulani Braids Ideas In 2023

Tribal Fulani Braids

Fulani Braids

A Fulani braid, made famous by the Fulani people of Africa, involves braiding a cornrow down the center of the head, braiding one or a few cornrows in a diagonal direction near the temples, and wrapping a braid around the hairline. It is often adorned with beads.

Top 16 best tribal fulani braids

Check out these 16 braided styles to consider wearing if you want an authentic Fulani hairstyle.

1. A braided ponytail wrapped around the ear

Bronze hair cuffs placed strategically near cheekbones are the best option. Combine them with golden blonde extensions extending out of a wrapped ponytail symmetrically curved head braids with symmetry. 

2. Nubian Princess Fulani Pullbacks

This classic braid pattern is made up of a braid down the middle of the part line, and a sprinkling of hair cuffs placed at different points is one of the easiest to wear. You should consider this choice if you are a confident woman just beginning to experiment with Fulani hairstyles.

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3. Braids with super-long dark cuffs

You won’t think twice about committing to thick and luscious braids if you are a Fulani braid pro. You’ll make a bold statement by wearing a ring of cuffs woven throughout the weave that is wine-colored and feature a menagerie of hair extensions. You can accent your hairstyle with a single dropped jewel on the forehead.

4. Artistic Beaded Twisted Cornrows

There’s more to it than just a hairstyle – this is a work of art! Backswept and twisted braids have been collected to form an elegant bun that cascades down the back in a vertical “waterfall.” Beads in various forms and sizes are carefully placed in the bun and adorn the end of each braid.

5. A two-toned Fulani braid in a top bun

It’s just not possible to let your braids hang loose when you’re running around doing errands. Throw them in a twisted-up do when that happens and be done with it. In most cases, a top-knot bun is an excellent option for the mature corporate woman, and it is easy to create based on Fulani hairstyles. In addition to the copper color, this braided bun is sure to stand out from all the rest.

6. Super-long rainbow braids in blue

Fulani braid style that’s a head-turner for apparent reasons is bold, beautiful, and 50 shades of blue. Make sure you keep your clothing and accessories in neutral colors so the braids can stand out on their own. This braid comprises large blue-glass beads and extra-long rainbow blue extensions.

7. Loose, cascading plaits with classic Fulani braids

To create a professional-looking Fulani hairstyle, cascades of medium-width braids are the way to go. Despite being open and uniform in color, the extensions are a golden brown, which means they’ll complement any color business suit or casual outfit.

8. Young Fulani crown with horizontal braids

In a situation where you have been doing Fulani braids for what seems like forever, you may be looking for something different. In the top section of the head, elegant plaiting adds a touch of beauty and elegance. We take a break from the norm and give you a unique twist that will make you feel like a new woman!

9. Curls at the shoulders with beaded mini-Fulani braids

A showstopper like this works like a charm on women with the facial features to pull it off. The exotic and feminine style shows off your bold and courageous side.

10. Beaded ponytail surrounded by copper wire

Nothing looks more gorgeous than a Fulani braid ponytail with copper wire and chunky beads. This style is delicate and fashion-forward with the upswept braids and swirls of wire adorning the crown. Japanese calligraphy printed on the thick dots completes the look.

11. Fulani braided crown with shell embellishments

Look no further if you want to make strangers ask about your braids inspired by the Fulani culture. An eye-catching geometric design on the braid crown complements the extra-long golden extensions tipped with tiny seashells, making you feel like you’re at the beach all year round.

12. Fulani Center-Part Braiding with a Forehead Bead

We have just found a simple, traditional hairstyle for Fulani women. Imagine a headful of backswept braids and a single tiny jewel bead tucked into a center braid. A surprise pop of color, when you don’t expect it, is provided by two over-the-ear braids!

13. Natural braids with beads in the style of Cleopatra

When you wear a shoulder-length Fulani bob, you’ll look like an Egyptian. Elegant, feminine, and filled with fancy details, only a woman of your level of confidence can pull it off. Fulani braid hairstyles are characterized by heavy beading that falls straight down the sides, framing the face beautifully.

14. A top-knot ponytail adorned with copper wire wraps

Wrap-around top-knot ponytails are fun and sassy, and they offer a fabulous combination of high-end sophistication with casual fun. This hairstyle is quite different from Fulani braids with beads because of its simple lines. Several braids are wrapped in copper wire to complete the overall jeweled effect.

15. Geometric crown with minimalist Fulani braids

Geometric Crowns are beautiful variations of the traditional Fulani hairstyle because they feature squared-off braids. There is no better choice for an office or a conservative work environment than this straightforward design. A trio of hair cuffs in goldstone adds just the right touch of sophistication.

16. Playfully swooped-up ponytail with cuffs and beads

Playful ponytails are an excellent option for active girls and teens. The Fulani ponytail holds its shape so that you can play sports or go out for an afternoon with friends without having to worry about your hair falling out. If you prefer to keep your braids feather light and comfortable, you can add scattered hair cuffs and beads.

What is the difference between tribal and Fulani braids?

Tribal Braids

Tribal braids are typically larger and have a more natural, rugged appearance. They are commonly made with synthetic hair and styled in various patterns and shapes, including zigzags and twists. Tribal braids are often adorned with beads and shells to enhance their aesthetic appeal. This braid style is popular among African cultures and is commonly worn for special occasions and celebrations.

Fulani Braids

Fulani braids, also known as tribal braids or cornrows, are a popular braid style that originates from the Fulani people of West Africa. Unlike tribal braids, Fulani braids are smaller and usually braided with natural hair rather than synthetic hair. They feature a unique pattern that consists of a straight cornrow in the middle, flanked by two braids on either side. Fulani braids are often adorned with beads, cowrie shells, and other decorative accessories and are commonly worn by women as a symbol of beauty and cultural pride.

Key Differences

The primary difference between tribal and Fulani braids is their size and styling. Tribal braids tend to be larger and more rugged, while Fulani braids are smaller and have a distinct pattern. Fulani braids are typically braided with natural hair, while tribal braids are often made with synthetic hair. Finally, Fulani braids are more commonly adorned with decorative accessories like beads and cowrie shells, while tribal braids may also feature these accessories but often have a more natural appearance.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)               

  • What is the lifespan of Fulani braids?

If your tribal braids are taken care of properly, they can last up to five weeks before you need to correct them. 

  • What is the price of Fulani braids? 

The cost of Fulani braids is dependent on the style. The average price of this type of braid is $200. 

  • What are the risks involved with Fulani braids? 

The braids are even suitable for hair since they give it rest unless you plait them too tightly.

  • What is the proper way to care for Fulani braids?           

Wash them less frequently, once every two weeks. Protect them during the night, avoid tightening hairstyles, and redo the edges as needed.

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