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Takuache Haircut: A Comprehensive Guide About Top 11 Best Popular Takuache Haircuts for Men

takuache haircut

Takuache Haircut

You have likely seen the Takuache meme at most once in your life. The meme features a man sporting an unassuming Mexican version of the Caesar haircut. This haircut is similar to Cillian Murphy’s French cut in Peaky Blinders’ hit TV series, with high fades along the sides. The only distinction is in the fringe line that runs across the forehead.

Takuache (also known as Edgar hair cut) is a cult among hairstyles. This is due to its appeal and popularity as meme-related pop culture content. Despite the hate-love relationship, it is a fashion choice that oozes a sense of edginess. Takuache has earned its spot among the most popular styles of trendy hairstyles.

Many edgier haircuts feature long top sections, which may not suit guys with naturally curly or coarse hair. Allow for a thicker fade or reduce the length of the entire area to prevent thick hair from sticking up in all directions.

Takuache haircuts

Takuache is a term that is more than a hairstyle since some people believe it’s a lifestyle that is part of a subculture called Latin American. The hairstyle is called Edgar haircut, and some call it Takuache or hood bowl or Cuh haircut. No matter where it came from, the hairdo has become popular worldwide. It is attainable and adaptable to all hair types and is an imposing style statement that anyone can carry around in the future.

Here are the most fashionable Takuache hairstyles you can test at any moment:

1. Classic Takuache Haircut

This is the most traditional style of Takuache that is suitable for those with shorter or big hair who desire a clean and unique hairstyle. This is usually created by mixing a hairstyle with a Caesar cut and high-fade styles. This style draws its straight fringe across one’s forehead after combing hair on top along the front. This cut’s sharp and edgy look has distinct features for one and makes an uncompromising statement in itself. This haircut can draw attention to any formal or casual location with its high-skin fades.

2. Bowl Takuache

However, Bowl Takuache is a revival of the 60s-inspired Beatles hairstyle of the mushroom, with the fringe running towards the sides. Consider placing a bowl over your head and then cutting hair on the sides, as Jim Carrey did in the film Dumb and Dumber (1994).

The cut is typically paired with a fade that tapers. This distinct feature makes it a tribute to the popular 60s and 70s bowl cut. The distinction in the two styles, Classic as well as Bowl Takuache, is minimal, and mostly it’s the difference of hairlines along the sides. The former is blunter, while the bowl is more toned down and sharper.

Bowl Takuache

3. Caesar Takuache

Caesar Takuache is also known as Mexican Caesar. The name comes about its Caesar haircut and the Mexican version of Edgar haircut. Edgar haircut. It is distinct from Takuache, which is Classic Takuache in regards that it has sharp edges throughout while the temple fades are curled instead of straight. The haircut is commonly worn by young Latinos in America who live the Takuache style.

4. Takuache Bangs

Takuake is a hairstyle that can go in with different types of bangs. It is possible to explore the possibilities of the short blunt style, similar to the well-known Spock or even a longer one. The most common method of creating a bang is placing thick hair above the hairline and combing it along the forehead. Then, you can style the fringe to suit your preferences. You can choose an elongated bang that has your fringe line somewhere between your hairline and your eyebrows or opt for a more pronounced fringe by having long hair.

You can match this look with a neck taper on the back, or a bald fades on the sides. The blunt and dense bangs can accentuate longer hair because of the long fringe.

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5. Takuache Fades

You can customize your Takuache design by adding different fades to the sides and back. If, for instance, you have hair that is rough or wavy, You can choose to set it for the skin fade or bald fade. However, if you have soft fur, you could look into various tapers too. High, Low, and High fade All of them are compatible with Takuache and produce different intriguing outcomes. High fades are a great option. You may attempt a  tight and high hairstyle or a mid-skin style for medium and straight hair. This will alter your look entirely different.

You could even bend the fade at an angle rather than draw it straight to create an original and unique design.

6. Mullet Takuache

This is precisely what it says it’s a Takuache fringe placed on the forehead and a long mullet flowing from the back. It can be styled in varying ways. For instance, the sides could be skin faded or temple depending on one’s preference and the length of hair behind or at the height of the fringe in the forehead.

7. Takuache with Beard

Fashion-conscious people always seek ways to elevate their look to the highest level. It is possible to achieve this by having the style of your Takuache cut by growing a full beard. However, specific rules must be adhered to avoid this experiment style resulting in disaster. To make it perform, you need to reflect the unique characteristics of your hair:

  • The beard must be shorter and thick.
  • The edges are sharp and have clean lines.
  • It is essential to maintain it regularly.

8. Takuache For Curly hair

Depending on the number of curls you have, you can use different techniques to achieve the best results from this hairstyle, depending on the strength of your rings. For instance, if you have curly hair, it is recommended to go with an elongated skin along the sides and let the hair on top fall to the front instead of drawing a precise fringe. Manchester United midfielder Jadon Sancho is famous for his Takuache with curly, strong hair, inspiring thousands to follow in his footsteps.

9. Natural Takuache

This is a more relaxed variant of Takuache in which you don’t need to arrange your hair tightly. Instead, you can use the natural form of your hair and style it according to your style. While some might not see it as a Takuache hairstyle because it departs from the traditional hairstyles, you can wear it. It embodies the spirit of Takuache and lets you achieve a more natural appearance by focusing on the hair’s pattern of your hair.

You can play around with this look following your personal preference and also. You can, for instance, allow the hair to fall over the top of your head instead of creating a slackline. You can also let the bowl lines along the sides become wavy instead of drawing lines like those of the Classic Takuache. If you’re searching for an easy-to-maintain Takuache, You should opt for this style and give it the distinctive style of your class.

10. Short Takuache

You can make your Takuache very short by stealing inspirations taken from haircuts for cropped hair, such as buzz or crew cuts. This is akin to a style that blends hairstyles. While the shorter length may seem a bit restrictive, you can still experiment with a few different things to create a distinct look for your short hairstyle.

You can achieve a natural look by blowing up the hair at the top of your head using clay or pomade. However, this could alter the distinctive fringe that runs across the forehead. You can also not blend your fades to add a bold look to your locks.

11. Takuache Variations

One of the most appealing features of Takuache is it can be paired with any hair, whether it’s curly, wavy, or hair that is choppy. Curly or wavy hair can be loosened from the top to the front, while hair or bald faded to the sides. However, the hair with a choppy texture is more relaxed and can be styled in layers using various textured angles.

The addition of glam and a highlight of the hair could be a great way to improve hair’s Takuache style. It is usually paired with platinum-colored or blonde hair for that additional mile within the realm of hairstyling. Takuache is known for its edgy hairstyles with a trendy twist. Adding a highlight can only attract more attention and show the spirit of boldness. This goes beyond just hairstyles. Bleaching is often harmful to hair follicles. However, it affects less when you use Takuache bleaching since Takuache cuts tend to be shorter and keep the bleaching effects minimal.

Choosing Takuache Haircut

Although it has been controversial memes over the last few years, many pop-culture consumers opt for different variants of Takuache haircuts today, which is a sign that it isn’t losing its appeal. It remains a popular hairstyle, and you can alter it depending on your preferences. It is a good idea to go with it without a doubt.

How to get Takuache haircut?

Takuache is a popular haircut among the Mexican community, characterized by a trimmed top with a comb-over and a faded side. Here are the steps you can follow to get this hairstyle:

  • Find a skilled barber: Look for a barber who is experienced in giving Takuache haircuts and has a portfolio to show their work.
  • Preparation: Wash your hair and ensure it is clean and free of styling products. This will make it easier for the barber to achieve the desired look.
  • Consultation: Discuss your expectations with the barber. Show them a picture of the Takuache haircut you want and communicate your desired length and style.
  • Cutting and Styling: The barber will trim the top of your hair to the desired length, then fade the sides and back. The hair will be combed over and styled as desired.
  • Finishing Touch: After the haircut, the barber will give your hair a final shape up and trim any loose hair.

Final Thoughts

Takuache haircut began as the most well-known haircut among Latino men; however, it does not mean that anyone else than those who are Latinos can’t wear it. If you think this cut suits your style, the rest shouldn’t be a problem. Takuaches are low-maintenance, easy to style that almost anybody can manage. To top it all off, it is possible to alter the look by adding a personal touch and opening the way to unlimited possibilities and unique outcomes.