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Everything You Need To Know About Tropical Fish Minecraft

Tropical Fish Minecraft

Tropical fish Minecraft biome

Markus “Notch” Persson and Mojang produced the well-known computer game Minecraft in 2009. According to 2021 estimates, over 200 million copies of it were sold across all platforms, making it one of the most well-known video games ever. The objective of this game is to survive and explore the world while battling against dark creatures known as mobs.

The “tropical fish” biome is an aquatic mob in this game and it is not only curious but also capable of supplying players with raw materials used for crafting weapons and items necessary for survival in this hostile environment.

Minecraft is also available on various gaming platforms, including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS 3 and 4, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Switch, and Education edition.

Everything you need to know about tropical fish in Minecraft, including their life cycle, spawning places, and how to catch them, will be covered in this article. This article will cover a detailed guide about the tropical fish mob in Minecraft, a passive mob with 29 different varieties in the jungle.

Facts About Tropical Fish Minecraft?

Everything You Need To Know About Tropical Fish Minecraft

The Minecraft Tropical Fish is an aquatic mob that may be caught with a bucket or a fishing rod in warm waters. Tropical fish are a non-aggressive mob in Minecraft. They are an excellent food source and only spawn in particular ocean biomes.

Oceans, mangrove swamps, and lush caverns are all frequent places to find tropical fish. Most tropical fish are maintained as pets or are used as food. They don’t actually perform a significant role in the game beyond that.

There are 2,700 naturally occurring variations of tropical fish exists in the game. Up to 3,584 visually unique versions can be produced using different instructions and commands. They are available in both Java Edition and Bedrock Edition of this video game. These fishes are previously known as Clownfish in other editions of this video game.

Best ways to find the tropical fish in the game

Only oceanic water biomes are used for the spawning of tropical fish. They can be found during fishing in any of the water biomes in this game. To increase the likelihood of landing this species, fishing rod enchantments like Luck of the Sea and Lure can be used. A player can find the tropical fish in the following ocean biomes;

  • Lukewarm Ocean
  • Lush Caves
  • Mangrove Swamp
  • Warm Ocean

Types of Tropical Fish

In Minecraft, there are 22 different types of tropical fishes available. There are more than 3,584 variations of these various categories. Only 10% of the tropical fish that spawn from them are absolutely random. They vary in four categories. All of the different tropical fishes have their hostility levels, health points, Attack modes, and experience points. Their names are;

  • Orange-White Kob (Tropical Fish)
  • Red-White Kob (Tropical Fish)
  • Red-White Blackfish (Tropical Fish)
  • Red-White Betty (Tropical Fish)
  • Orange-LightGray Clayfish (Tropical Fish)
  • LightBlue-Lime­ Brinley (Tropical Fish)
  • LightBlue-Pink Spotty (Tropical Fish)
  • LightBlue-Gray SunStreak (Tropical Fish)
  • Yellow-LightGray Flopper (Tropical Fish)
  • Yellow-LightGray Spotty (Tropical Fish)
  • Yellow Stripey (Tropical Fish)
  • Purple-Yellow Blackfish (Tropical Fish)
  • Cyan-Pink Dasher (Tropical Fish)
  • Gray-LightGray Glitter (Tropical Fish)
  • Gray-LightGray Dasher (Tropical Fish)
  • Gray-LightGray Brinley (Tropical Fish)
  • Orange-Gray Stripey (Tropical Fish)
  • Gray Flopper (Tropical Fish)
  • Blue-Gray SunStreak (Tropical Fish)
  • LightGray-Gray SunStreak (Tropical Fish)
  • Red-LightGray Clayfish (Tropical Fish)
  • Red-Gray Snooper (Tropical Fish)

Spawning tropical fishes

In Minecraft, schools of 8–24 tropical fish often spawn in warm or lukewarm ocean biomes. These may have pre-set or random patterns for spawning. Groups of eight different tropical fish randomly spawn at Y-levels 50 to 63 and at any Y-level in the Java Edition (in deep water variations).

Tropical fish spawn underwater in this game’s Bedrock Edition 12-32 blocks distant from the player. Tropical fish can only spawn in warm, lukewarm, deep warm ocean biomes and lush caverns. They spawn in groups of 3-5 people for a predefined pattern and groups of 1-3 for a random way.

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Most of the time, the passive Minecraft Tropical Fish do not assault any people or other players. When someone attacks them, they will try to swim away. The majority of tropical fish swim in schools (maximum nine tropical fish per school).

By pouring water on a fish, the player may gather it, giving him a bucket of fish. Fish kept in buckets do not naturally despawn. When placed against a block, the fish bucket empties, allowing water and fish to fill the area.

Characteristics Of Tropical Fish Minecraft

Following different characteristics of Tropical fishes will be discussed here;


When tropical fish spawn in the wild in the Java version of the game, 90% of the time, they resemble one of the 22 kinds described above. 10% of the time, however, their patterns, sizes, and colours are completely random selections from a set of two shapes, six patterns, fifteen base colours, and fifteen pattern colours.

Since the eyes are typically difficult to see, no naturally born tropical fish have black pigment on them. 2,700 naturally occurring pairings are produced as a result.

Tropical fish are not readily accessible in Bedrock Edition. Instead, naturally generated tropical fish have two spawn attempts, the first of which uses one of the 22 preset variants and the second of which uses patterns, sizes, forms, and colours that are picked at random.

Hitbox sizes

These fishes’ hitbox sizes differ depending on the game’s version as well. In Java Edition, their Height is 0.4 Blocks and Width is 0.5 Blocks whereas, in Bedrock Edition, their Height is 0.52 Blocks and Width is 0.52 Blocks.

Attacking strategy

You may swim or wander close to the tropical fish without worrying about being attacked or getting hurt. The tropical fish will just attempt to swim away if you harm it. It won’t strike back at you.


Tropical Fish in the game occasionally drop the following things, when killed by the player,

  • 1 x Tropical Fish
  • 1 x Bone Meal
  • 1-2 x Bones
  • 1-3 x EXP orbs

Health Points

In Minecraft, the health bar indicates how much damage a person may take before passing out. A tropical fish in Minecraft has 1.5 hearts for health. As a result, a tropical fish obtains 3 health points (because 1 heart equals 2 health points).

Data Values

In Java Edition, the following are the data values of tropical fishes;

  • Name: Tropical Fish                                  
  • Identifier: tropical_fish                                      
  • Entity tags: axolotl_always_hostils                                
  • Translation Key: entity.minecraft.tropical_fish

In Bedrock Edition, the data values are;

  • Name: Tropical Fish                                                                  
  • Identifier: tropical_fish                                   
  • Entity tags: Tropical Fish tropical fish 111
  • Translation Key: entity.tropical fish.name


Tropical fish are the aquatic mobs in Minecraft which are considered passive mobs that do not attack anyone. They can take on many different forms and are frequently a nutritious source of food. This article covers all about Tropical Fish Minecraft, their types, spawning, how to find them, and different characteristics and behavior in detail. 

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